Visionary Canadian designer Sonja Picard has been a professional artist since 1990, and her work has been collected by private and corporate clients world-wide.   In her 20 years as an artist, she has always created with the intention of conveying a message that holds a sacred meaning or symbolic significance.

Sonja began her artistic journey with her first chosen medium clay and explored its variations; studio ceramics, architectural ceramics, fine art sculpture and mixed media. Sonja's sculptures have been represented by galleries throughout North America and her art is in permanent corporate collections. She was a noted ceramic designer for a leading international giftware company.
In 1996, Sonja began a study of yogic philosophy and was inspired to create and design jewelry to honor and celebrate this knowledge:
“I wanted to create jewelry that would be more than simply a fashion statement,” says Sonja, “I felt strongly that what we wear should also touch and inspire us. I therefore set out to create jewelry that was both beautiful to wear as well as reminding us of our divine nature. Using ancient texts, symbols and Sanskrit mantras, I create what I call ‘wearable mantras’ that are artistic fusions of the contemporary and the exotic.”
Sonja hand-carves each original piece in wax, invoking the human spirit and offering a sculptural organic quality to the jewelry. The result is a refreshingly modern signature look that has propelled the Sonja Picard Collection (SPC) into a world-class jewelry business. First launched in 2000, and now with over 400 pieces, the SPC has since become the largest comprehensive jewelry line dedicated to the ancient knowledge of yoga.
Following a trip to India in 2010, Sonja’s next inspiration was found in portraying divine images on canvas using acrylic and mix media, expanding her artistic expression yet again. Today, Sonja works with an extensive array of mediums: cast glass, ceramic, bronze, acrylic and mix media, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, silver, and gold. Her new gallery and jewelry boutique on Main Street in Vancouver, BC showcases her many one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings and jewelry pieces.

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